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Deepsky Objects

Object - NGC 4361

Type Magnitude Coordinates Constellation Image (and link to Seds)
Planetary Nebula 10 R.A. 12h 24.5min Dec +18° 48' Corvus

Object - NGC 4038/9


This is an interacting pair of galaxies called the Antennae.
Sb - Spiral Galaxy 10.3 R.A. 12h 01.9min Dec +18° 52' Corvus


Canes Venatici

Deepsky Objects

Object - M3 (NGC 5272)


One of the most astounding clusters with over half a million stars. Although is further away than the center of our galaxy can still be seen naked eye on exceptionally clear nights.
Type Magnitude Coordinates Constellation Image (and link to Seds)
Globular Cluster 6.4

R.A. 13h 42.2min Dec +28° 23'

Canes Venatici

Object - M51 (NGC 5194)


Known as the Whirlpool Galaxy. It is an interacting galaxy with its companion NGC5195 and is included in the Arp list of peculiar galaxies. The center's are easily viewable in small instruments but a larger aperture and good skies as this object is sensitive to light pollution and its spiral structure will disappear easily.
Sc I - Spiral Galaxy 8.4 R.A. 13h 29.9min Dec +47° 12' Canes Venatici

Object - M63 (5055)


Known as the Sunflower Galaxy. This is apparently in a group with M51 which are both at a distance of about 37 million light years. Visually it shows a a grainy background with the arms brightening gradually and rapidly as they get nearer the core.
Sb - Spiral Galaxy 8.6 R.A. 13h 15.8min Dec +42° 02' Canes Venatici

Object - M94 (NGC4736)

Sb - Spiral Galaxy 8.2 R.A. 12h 50.9min Dec +41° 07' Canes Venatici

Object - M106 (NGC 4258)


This object is classed as a peculiar spiral as its half way between a barred and normal spiral. Are view of it is inclined so we see prominent spiral structure with dust lanes and a bright central core. This galaxy throws out a greater radio spectra than visual and so has been included in the seyfert catalog.
Sb - Spiral Galaxy 8.4 R.A. 12h 19.0min Dec +47° 18' Canes Venatici

Object - NGC4244

Sc - Spiral Galaxy 10.2 R.A. 12h 17.5min Dec 37° 49' Canes Venatici


Coma Berenices

Deepsky Objects

Object - M53 (NGC5024)


Being at a distance of 60000 light years, this is one of the more outlying globular clusters. In small telescopes this will show as a round nebulous object with its brightness slowly fading out to the edges.
Type Magnitude Coordinates Constellation Image (and link to Seds)
Globular Cluster 7.7 R.A. 13h 12.9min Dec +18° 10' Coma Berenices

Object - M64 (NGC4826)


Named the Blackeye galaxy because of it central dark lane which is obscuring stars behind. This is a very active galaxy with a number of star forming regions. This is due to two systems of gas and stars moving in opposite directions and rubbing against each other. The distance of the galaxy is still not known and the closest estimate is 19 million light years.

Sb - Spiral Galaxy 8.5 R.A. 12h 56.7min Dec +21° 41' Coma Berenices

Object - M85 (NGC4382)

S0 - Spiral Galaxy 9.1 R.A. 12h 25.4min Dec +18° 11' Coma Berenices

Object - M88 (NGC4501)

Sc - Spiral Galaxy 9.5 R.A. 12h 32.0min Dec +14° 25' Coma Berenices

Object - M98 (NGC4192)

Sb - Spiral Galaxy 10.1 R.A. 12h 13.8min Dec +14° 54' Coma Berenices

Object - M99 (NGC4254)

Sc - Spiral Galaxy 9.8 R.A. 12h 18.8min Dec 14° 25'  

Object - M100 (NGC4321)


One of the brightest members of the Virgo cluster.
Sc - Spiral Galaxy 9.3 R.A. 12h 22.9min Dec 15° 49' Coma Berenices

Object - NGC4565


This is a considerably bright, edge on spiral with a prominent dark lane. It is assumed that this is the view we would get of our galaxy edge on.
Sb - Spiral Galaxy 9.6 R.A. 12h 36.3min Dec 25° 59' Coma Berenices



Deepsky Objects

Object - M87 (NGC4486)


Known as Virgo A or the smoking gun this is one of the most remarkable objects in the sky. It has a great number of stars and two main features. A massive globular cluster and a jet of material although these are difficult to see. Unlike of our own galaxy with nearly 200 globular this object has thousands.
Type Magnitude Coordinates Description Image (and link to Seds)
E1 - Elliptical Galaxy 8.6 R.A. 12h 30.8min Dec +12° 24' Virgo

Object - M104 (NGC4594)


Known also as the Sombrero Galaxy. This was actually the first object Messier discovered but it wasnt published in his original catalog.
Sa - Spiral Galaxy 8.3 R.A. 12h 40.0min Dec -11° 37' Virgo


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