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2022 Events

Public Zoom Online - James Webb Space telescope - What happened next (28 Jan 22) |

2021 Events

Just before the launch - JWST (17 Dec 21) | JUICE - Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (19 Nov 21) | Humans on Mars (22 Oct 21) | Telescopes into the Future (25 Sep 21) | Telescopes into the Future (24 Sep 21) | Members session - new season (03 Sep 21) | The latest News from Mars (25 Jun 21) | Stellarium and the Spring Sky (21 May 21) | Six minutes of terror revisited (12 Mar 21) | Astroboost and the Webb telescope (12 Feb 21) | Fairhaven Star Night 2021 (06 Feb 21) | The full winter's night at Seething (29 Jan 21) | Deep Sky Astrophotography (15 Jan 21) |

Recent News

How the presentations work (Tue 10th Aug) | Why we are being cautious at the Observatory (Tue 24th Sep) | Refurbishing the Genesis dome. (Fri 9th Aug) | A Sermon at Seething? (Sat 3rd Aug) | Stargazing at Seething Observatory (Thu 24th Jan) | #100HoursOfAstronomy (Thu 13th Dec) | Exploring the dark universe with Einstein’s telescope. Report by Charlotte Daniels. (Thu 13th Sep) | Stargazing in North Norfolk with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust (Wed 5th Sep) | Norwich Astro and a Pint of Science (Sat 4th Nov) | Groundbreaking observations of an astronomical phenomenon that has never been witnessed before. (Sat 14th Oct) | An excellent evening at Seething Observatory with Cosmologist Sarah Bosman (Sat 8th Apr) | An astronomical stall for the #NorwichSciHunt (Sun 19th Mar) | Astronomer Laura Keating visited Seething Observatory (Sat 11th Mar) | A Norwich Astronomer returned to Seething Observatory (Fri 17th Feb) | Record turnout for 2017 Children's Event. Were you there? (Thu 9th Feb) | Children's Event fast approaching (Sat 28th Jan) | Norfolk Astronomers are in for a treat this year at Seething Observatory. (Wed 28th Dec) | Membership Notice (Sat 10th Dec) | Dr. Helen Mason Visited Seething (Fri 18th Nov) | Driven by science. The story of Europe in space. (Sun 2nd Oct) | September Public Open Nights 9 & 10/9/2016 The Search for a New Home – Introducing Proxima B (Fri 26th Aug) | 2016/17 Public Night Season starting (Fri 26th Aug) | Safe Solar viewing on International SUNday at Fairhaven Gardens (Mon 13th Jun) | The Transit of Mercury - 9/5/16 (Fri 6th May) | Dr. Matt Taylor visited Seething (Sat 30th Apr) | Did you go to the Children's Event? (Tue 1st Mar) | 2016 Children's Event (Thu 25th Feb) | Talk by Dr. Andrew Rushby at Seething Observatory (Sat 6th Feb) | Dr. Anna Hourihane's visit to Seething Observatory (Wed 3rd Feb) | 2016 Children's Event (Wed 20th Jan) |

Public Events

We hold a number of special public events with talks, tour, and look through our telescopes!

Public Open Events


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Image: IC 1805 Heart Nebula

by Shaun Reynolds