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8th Apr 2017

An excellent evening at Seething Observatory with Cosmologist Sarah Bosman

An excellent evening of Astronomy and Cosmology on Friday 7th April. We were visited by PhD Student Sarah Bosman from the Institute of Astonomy in Cambridge. 

Sarah uses the spectra from Quasars to discern more about the early stages of our universe.

Sarah's talk was "Cosmology after the first 5 minutes" and was an account of the formation of our universe; managing to fit in milestones from the past 13.7 billion years into just 45 minutes.

A full clubhouse showed just how interested in the subject our members were; we are very grateful to Sarah for answering numerous questions, and staying behind afterwards to chat more about her research and work.

Sarah is off to London in the Autumn to research more about the very earliest galaxies, and has kindly agreed to come back in two years to tell us more about her work.

Best of luck in London Sarah!


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