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9th Aug 2019

Come stargazing this Autumn at Seething Observatory

If you’ve not yet been stargazing at an observatory, then Autumn is a great time to start. The evenings are warmer than in Winter, and the skies have some delightful objects for you to enjoy looking at through the observatory's large telescopes.

Seething Observatory is about 12 miles from Norwich on the B1332 (about 15 miles if you use the A146) and far enough away from the lights of the City to have dark skies suitable for stargazing from. If it’s been a while since you have looked up at the night sky away from streetlights, prepare to be surprised; on a clear night, the ‘Milky Way” (the light from billions of stars in our own galaxy) can be seen easily with the naked eye, as can (if you know there to look) our neighbouring galaxy, which is the Andromeda Galaxy, visible as a little ‘smudge’ of light, of course, through a telescope, it looks completely different! 

Look out too for the asterism of the “Summer Triangle”,  a grouping of three very bright stars to the South.  There’s a multitude of objects to be seen here, including the “Coathanger Cluster” and if the skies are dark enough perhaps you will get a glimpse of the Veil Nebula too.

To the North, then we have some equally enchanting objects to observe, including a favourite with our younger astronomers, NGC 457 the Owl Cluster as well as NGC 7789, Caroline's Rose; discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1783!

All of our public stargazing weekends include a talk as well as tours of the observatory, and in September we’ve a treat for you. If you follow the Wex Photo / Video blog, then chances are that you may have read some posts by Chris Grimmer, his most recent was “Tips for Shooting a Lunar Eclipse.”  Chris has been preparing his talk to start our season and will be sharing his insights on the Apollo Missions.

Details of getting to our observatory can be found on our find us page.

A list of all our forthcoming events can be seen on our Public Events page

See you at Seething!

Thanks to NAS Member Jason Durrant for the photograph.


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Image: Eastern Veil Nebula

by Paul Fearn