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20th Jan 2018

Bringing the #SoyuzTour to Norwich!

Norwich's Forum is well known to all in East Anglia. The iconic building in the heart of Norwich is very well known to Norwich AS members.... we’ve exhibited there regularly since the days of the Science Outreach in Norwich events, and who can forget the time that the BBC Stargazing Live came to Norwich with Helen Arney and Dr. Lucy Green? The council managed to get the city centre lights switched off, we rocked up en-masse with scopes galore only to be thwarted by the Stargazing Live weather; despite the monsoons the amphitheatre was packed with people asking to look through telescopes and talk about astronomy. 

More recently we took part in the Norwich Science Festival Astronomy Day; led by Debbie Forrester, our stand helped with a multitude of clever crafting ideas that young visitors took part in. Those of you who know Debbie, will know that she's a prolific tweeter; that day the stand was so busy, that there's not a single tweet or photo; it was as Debbie explained "non-stop."  That evening, we supported the Pint of Science with the inaugural "Atoms to Galaxies" event in Norwich, with over 60 people booking to attend.

This year, the Forum is one of five shortlisted venues in the competition to host the Soyuz module that Tim Peake and his crew mates used to travel to and from the International Space station. In 2016, I was able to see a Vostok and Soyuz Module at the Cosmonaut's Exhibition at the Science Museum in London; with weekend engineering work, it was a long schlep to London, and the exhibition as you can imagine was packed. To look inside the module, you had to use a mirror attached to a large pole, it took ages for the queue to gradually move so that you got a glimpse into that cramped capsule. 

So, imagine the Forum in Norwich with a Soyuz TMA-19M module and parachute displayed for all to see! The Soyuz module used by Tim Peake will not only make a great attraction for the Norwich Science Festival 2018, but also inspire a huge number of students to take an interest in astronomy and science.

From all of us at Norwich Astro, a huge "congratulations" to the Forum for getting this far, and "poyehali" to getting the #SoyuzTour to Norwich!. 

Superb photo of Astronaut Tim Peake next to the Soyuz TMA 19M thanks to the Science Museum.


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