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17th Feb 2017

A Norwich Astronomer returned to Seething Observatory

We were delighted to host Warwick PhD student Hugh Osborn at Seething in February 2017.

Hugh is a "Exoplanet-hunting astronomer at ," and was last at Seething Observatory as a 13 year old! 

Hugh's talk was on the past, present and future of exoplanet research and was given to a packed clubhouse. Hugh's research involves using data from the WASP, NGTS and K2 telescope surveys to discover exoplanets as they transit across their parent stars. 

It was in May 2016 that the news about "EPIC-1166 b: a Neptune-mass planet with Earth-like density" was published in, we tweeted this info and had a reply from Hugh saying "An astronomer from Norwich too! ;)" 9 months later Hugh was able to present more details about EPIC-1166.

You can keep up to date with Hugh on Twitter at and listen in to the podcast with Andrew Rushby (another astronomer who has visited and talked at Seething) at

All being well, Hugh will be working on the ESA Plato Mission, we wish him well and look forward to hearing more from him in the future.


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