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1st Mar 2016

Did you go to the Children's Event?

Well what a day that was!

The Children's Event must have been one of our busiest event ever. It started early with people arriving at 1.30 and we had not fully set up. Though we tried very hard to keep count of the number of visitors we had, this was very difficult when there was so many people trying to get in. Our best count was about 800 people and 354 of them were children. 
We must have had about 250 people at any one time and many people stayed for several hours not wanting to miss out on the possibilities of seeing the night sky.

Though it was cold, we were fortunate to have sunny weather which remained for most of the day. Cloudy skies did scuppered the planned night sky tour but that didn't stop people waiting in long queues throughout the day to see inside the Genesis dome and later the Hershel dome when we had volunteers to man it. The clear night sky did make an appearance after 7 and we still had visitors there at 8 who had stayed to see through a telescope. 

Ivan Rukaber and Dave Balcombe gave the talks. Ivan on space rubble and Dave on Tim Peake and manned missions. They made a good tag team swapping over talks and manning Dave’s meteor display. There were positive vibes from the attendees of the talks. Lots of questions were asked and I had to throw out one group of people from the lecture room who were holding up the next talk.

We had a great reaction from both the children and parents. The crafting tables were constantly busy and all of the materials were used up by the end of the day. We ran out of many items in refreshments and Flying Chef ran out of stock twice.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers for helping out. Nobody had time to stop. There was only 23 of us and we just about coped but it did mean some of us missed out on the free hot dog. Hope you all had plenty of rest since and bravo!

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