Public Open Night - The Sun and Solar Observing (22nd Apr 2016)

Start time: 2000

Location: Seething Observatory

Host: Andy Gardiner

Why, when and how to observe the Sun.

Our Sun, learn how to observe it safely with Norwich Astronomical Society.Everyone can see our closest star, the Sun, but relatively few have actually looked at it in detail, despite it being the easiest star to study. Until recently, serious solar observation was the realm of the professional astronomer.

Andy Gardiner will demonstrate how advancing technology allows amateurs to observe the Sun using various techniques, the advantages of each and explain what an observer actually sees. Being conscious of budgets he will show how to ensuring the highest levels of optical safety without breaking the bank.

At these events you will get the chance to look around the Observatory facilities and, if the sky is clear, be able to look through some of our telescopes.

All events are held at the observatory. Doors open at 7:30 with talks starting at 8:00, unless the room fills up earlier, in which case the talk will start sooner and depending on numbers could be repeated. Admission is Adults £3.00 Adult members £2.00 All Children £1.50 there is no need to pre book, just turn up on the night. Teas and coffee are available at the end of the talk and there will be a chance to observe through the telescopes, if the skies are clear. Talks vary in length but generally last approximately 40 minutes and are aimed at those with a general interest in astronomy. Children are welcome (recommend from about 8 years upwards)

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We hold a number of special public events with talks, tour, and look through our telescopes!

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Image: 7 pane Moon mosaic

by Chris Grimmer