Hunting the Nebulae and Star Clusters (4th Mar 2017)

Start time: 20:00

Location: Seething Observatory

Host: Chris Greenfield

French astronomer Charles Messier was a Comet Hunter, but is best known for his catalogue of nebulae and star clusters that is now known as the 110 "Messier objects".

Join us at Seething as NAS member Chris Greenfield shares his joys and frustrations in tracking down these 110 objects. How feasible is it to see all 110  in one night from dusk to dawn in Norfolk?

Part personal journey, part history but mostly astronomy, in this talk, Chris who has been hunting these object with a small aperture, manual telescope reveals the challenges and the tools he uses to track down and see these relatively bright deep sky objects. Which objects are the toughest to see, which objects are breathtaking, but rarely seen from the UK?

On the 200th anniversary of Messier's death, we celebrate Messier's Catalogue des Nébuleuses et des Amas d'Étoiles.

Chris will also share details a mini-marathon of 25-objects that can be seen with the naked eye and/or binoculars.

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Image: 7 pane Moon mosaic

by Chris Grimmer