The Ice Giants of our Solar System by Roger Preece Saturday (15th Dec 2018)

Start time: 20:00

Location: Seething Observatory

Host: Chris Greenfield

The Ice Giants of our Solar System by Roger Preece.

Uranus and Neptune circle the sun far out from its heat and light, unknown as planets before the arrival of the telescope. Together they are known as the Ice Giants. Yet much is now known about these mysterious bodies, thanks to the exploits of the outer planets spacecraft Voyager 2, and the use of advanced technology with present day optical instruments. 

Find out more about peculiar orbits and violent storms out at the edges of the solar system.

Hear about some of the strange ideas as to how they got there in the first place. Wonder if there are more planets like them going around other stars.


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Image: NGC2244 in Ha OIII sG

by Martin Stirland