HOYS-CAPS citizen science project (26th Oct 2018)

Start time: 20:00

Location: Seething Observatory

Host: Chris Greenfield

New Members Talk

Delighted to announce that Dr Dirk Froebrich from the HOYS-CAPS citizen science project will be talking at Seething on 26th October 2018.

HOYS-CAPS stands for Hunting Outbursting Young Stars with the Centre of Astrophysics and Planetary Science. The aim of the project is long term, multi-filter optical photometric monitoring of young (age less than 10Myr), nearby (distances typically within 1kpc) star clusters or star forming regions visible from the northern hemisphere. There are no restrictions given to the participants in terms of observing cadence, target priority, field of view, integration times or filter selection. The data is being used to study star formation and the formation of (terrestrial) planets in the inner disks surrounding young stars. Project website: http://astro.kent.ac.uk/~df/hoyscaps/index.html
The project currently involves about 10 amateur astronomers from the UK, as well as from Europe and is supported by some additional professional observatories. The participants take images of objects on our target list, perform a basic data reduction (flat-fielding and dark/bias correction) and submit these reduced images for inclusion into our database via our newly developed web-interface (at http://astro.kent.ac.uk/HOYS-CAPS/). This interface will soon also allow participants to plot and study light-curves of any star imaged by the project.
At the time of writing the our target list contains 17 young clusters/regions as well as several additional targets selected from the Gaia Photometric Alerts, some of which are within the 17 target regions. More than 3200 images have been taken for the project so far, with a total of about 1000hrs of observing time. So far the data has been included in one refereed paper, an Astronomers Telegram and a second paper is currently in preparation.



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