An Alien Sea of Life (15th Dec 2017)

Start time: 20:00

Location: Seething Observatory

Host: Martin Howe

An Alien Sea of Life

Enceladus has captured the imagination ever since it was found to have a liquid ocean under the surface. From New Scientist and Scientific American to Judge Dredd Megazine and 2000AD, writers of fact and fiction have imagined what might lurk under the ice. Terrifying aliens? Little green fish? Probably not, but there could be an abundance of bacteria and bugs - or nothing at all. Martin Howe will talk about the facts we know so far, the plans for space probe visits, and that an incredible sea far from the Sun might harbour life. Enceladus and the mysterious stripes, whooooo!

Doors open at 7:30 with talks starting at 8:00, unless the room fills up earlier, in which case the talk will start sooner and depending on numbers likely to be repeated. Talks vary in length but generally last approximately 40 minutes and are aimed at those with a general interest in astronomy. We will tweet if there is likely to be an additional talk. 

Admission is Adults £3.00 Adult members £2.00 All Children £1.50 there is no need to pre book, just turn up on the night. 

Refreshments are available and there will be a chance to observe through the telescopes, if the skies are clear and members with be on hand to answer your astronomy queries. Children are welcome (recommend from about 8 years upwards)

Photo Credit NASA

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Image: M45 in LRGB

by Shaun Reynolds